By: Women’s Fitness Asia

We’re on the last batch of women we’re featuring in relation to the Sacred Open House event by Kimilu. These last batch’s stories are not the least bit less unique and moving as the ones we previously shared. Here are Nikki, Renelyn, and Thea whose stories centers around nourishing the spirit.

Nikki Lizares, the Re-wilding Advocate

The world is now seeing and experiencing the environmental impact of human activity that scientists and environmental activists have been warning us about long ago. People are now trying to cope with erratic weather changes, violent storms, rising ocean levels, and many more. Nikki felt the need to care for the
environment though at a very young age. While most kids dream of becoming doctors or teachers, Nikki dreamt of becoming a marine biologist so she can save the ocean. Eventually, her being a yogi as well as a sacred space holder taught her the connection of humans’ wellbeing to the planet’s wellbeing.

She is aware though that the rest of humanity won’t be able to fully care about their own wellbeing and the planet’s wellbeing as well as understand the connection of the two unless they begin to appreciate and love these. It is only after appreciating the connection that we realize we need to take action.

Nikki believes that we all have instinctual and intuitive nature. That if we look inside and befriend our whole selves, light and shadow, we can awaken this nature and heal the world. She invites women to not shy away from their inner wild, to be free to be themselves. Nikki understands that this could be quite frightening – anything unknown understandably is. Let her guide you through it and discover your deepest truths.

Renelyn Tan-Castillejos, the Tidying Coach

Who doesn’t know who Marie Kondo is? The Japanese woman who taught the world to discard everything that does not spark joy. Renelyn is one of the lucky people who got to take the KonMari certification course with Mari Kondo in New York. After she saw how life changing the method is when she applied it to her own home, she felt the need to share it with others.

Marie Kondo taught us about wonderful concepts about decluttering and how it is just not a simple activity of tidying up. Isn’t it her who taught us that the moment we start tidying up, we will be compelled to reset our lives? No wonder cleaning and organizing our spaces could actually be very relaxing. This is exactly what Renelyn has been teaching people for five years now. She empowers people to sort out their internal clutter so they can gather the courage to let go of the things that don’t support them anymore. Renelyn delivers corporate workshops and webinars both here and abroad and looks forward to share the endless possibilities of a spark joy life.

Thea Pineda, the Glow-to Guru

The inner child has been talked about a lot in Psychology. It is our childlike aspect and is about what we learned as a child. The way we are now has a lot to do with our emotions, memories, and beliefs as children. Long before the inner child and good parenting styles have been introduced though, parents grow their children unguided. There were also life events we didn’t have control on. Inadvertently, this resulted to adults with traumas from the past that keep on resurfacing at their present. Thea is one of those people who offers inner child healing. She invites people to start over and see things differently this time around. When you’re finally ready to heal from the wounds that your past caused you, find Thea and she’ll help you rediscover your glowing light

Surely there are more amazing women out there with advocacies waiting to be heard. You could be one of them. We hope these women we featured inspire you to continue opening up, swimming to the surface to be discovered and make ripples that more and more would feel. Truly, the world needs more like you. Know that there are a lot of women waiting to support you and hear your story.

About the SacredSpace Certification

The SacredSpace Certification Program is a holistic program by Kimilu designed to empower thought leaders, trailblazers, decision-makers, consultants, trainers, and coaches in their desire to serve clients, teams and community members with a heart-centered approach through her distinct mind-body-spirit framework.

Her utmost desire is for leaders to be unapologetic about being the best version of themselves through the purposeful work that they do and celebrate it.

The next batch for the program is slated for January-March 2024 (three 3-day weekends) and will be held in person for the first time at The Farm at San Benito in Batangas.