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Most women walk down the aisle in their Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, or a version of their favorite sparkly heels. But as we’ve learned, Zara Carbonell is not like most women. This multi-hyphenated beauty queen-athlete-entrepreneur-author (need we say more?) is far from the usual and its no surprise she decided to walk down the aisle in her favorite kicks – a white pair of Hoka’s Bondi 8.

“I’ve always known I wanted to walk down the aisle in sneakers. As much as I love my heels, there’s just something so freeing about wearing a comfortable pair of kicks that you can rely on and I’m glad I put on my Hokas and kept them on all night.”

The Bondi 8 is a popular choice of running shoes known for their maximum cushioning and support. No wonder Zara Carbonell-Near decided to wear them as she took the most important strides of her life. Seeing her in her bejeweled dress finished with her pair of Hokas is such a beautiful statement for brides who confidently flex their personalities through their choice of footwear – after all, a comfortable bride is a happy bride.

“It was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made. Looking back, I loved every moment of the wedding because I didn’t have to worry about achey feet. I danced, and ran, and was able to walk and properly say hi to all the people who made time to celebrate with us, all because I chose to wear my Hokas – and that’s an immeasurable experience. It definitely makes it to the top of my “I’m glad I did this” list,”  says Zara.

But Zara Carbonell wasn’t the only one ecstatic with her footwear of choice, but so was the whole entourage who wore their white kicks all day long. From the ceremony to the reception to the after party, the Nears’ friends and family were all up and about – happy with the footwear they get to sport through the 12-hour celebration.

Also spotted sporting their favorite pairs of Hoka shoes were the groom, Steve Near, the parents of the groom, Fely and Gary, the mother of the bride, Zhar, and the grandfather of the bride, veteran journalist – Kawaldy Carbonell.

Zara Carbonell said “I do” to her long time partner, Steve Near, 4 years into their relationship in a quaint venue just outside of Metro Manila – Villa Milagros. The Nears celebrated their special day with their closest family and friends in attendance. It was a beautiful garden wedding sprinkled with angel’s breath, lit-up butterflies, and twinkling lights fit perfectly to kickoff their happily-ever-after. Congratulations to the Nears!


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