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Last Saturday, a unique yoga experience graced the roofdeck of Astbury PH Beer Yoga. You read that right!

Beer yoga has been practiced around different parts of the world – around the US, Europe and even Thailand and last week it made its way to the heart of Metro Manila. 

#BeerYogaInMNL was an idea brought to life by Women’s Fitness PH’s ambassador and Miss Tourism Worldwide 2018 – Zara Carbonell in partnership with Women’s Fitness Philippines and Old Navy Philippines.

“Beer Yoga takes us through a journey of unlearning a lot of societal pressures of what fitness is supposed to be. It dismantles the belief that fitness is supposed to be serious 24/7, always competitive, and even a punishment for having lived a little too much.” – Zara Carbonell, Miss Tourism Worldwide 2018

The hour-long session led by life coach and yoga instructor, Camille Requiestas, proved how fun and social fitness could be. The flow of poses that integrated the uniquely flavored craft beer from Jade’s Temple Brewery surely made every minute remarkable – much so that even the men in the crowd had a blast.

“I finally found a type of yoga I feel completely welcome in. I got on the mat and flowed with the rest of class, and I’ve never enjoyed yoga this much until today. I’m sure a lot of athletes will be excited to try this experience out. It’s refreshing, challenging, and is good for your body.” – Coach Steve Near, Do What You Can co-founder and Head Coach

And while the experience and the view from the sunbird was a prize of its own, especially from the lenses of ColorFest’s sunglasses – the fun did not end there as partner brands came prepared with lots of prizes for the participants. Old Navy Philippines made sure to gear Camille and Zara up and even raffled off 5 sets of active wear to 5 lucky participants that day. Anessa Philippines showed their support for life under the sun by raffling off a few best-selling items that day to 3 lucky winners and to make sure everyone went home feeling like a champion, Kindred gave out gift certificates to every participant as a way of congratulating them for stepping outside their comfort zones and trying something new.

Want to make sure you don’t miss the next #BeerYogaInMNL session? Follow us on instagram: @womensfitnessph and we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop.


Beer yoga is a yoga hybrid, created in America around 2013, in which participants practice yoga at breweries or taprooms, drinking beer during or after asana practice. It has since spread to other countries.
Women's Fitness Philippines
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