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In recent months, Flag Football has been the talk of the town. What once was an American-war past time game has made its way to the Philippines and Filipinas are taking on the challenge. 

Flag football is a non-contact version of American football where players wear flags to denote a tackle instead of being physically tackled; a sport that has been gaining popularity all around the Philippines. And one that welcomes Filipina athletes! Last March 25th, Manila Flag Football League, mounted yet another astonishing tournament saluting all its female athletes through an all-women exhibition game where the ladies brought their A-game and proved, once again why they belong on the field. 

The exhibition game was fun, fierce, and fearless – a colorful way to kickoff MFL’s national qualifiers. Two all-female squads took on MFL grounds while sporting their all-womens run tank tops.

And at the end of the tournament 11 Filipina athletes made it to the Philippine Team’s selection pool clocking in another first for flag football in the Philippines. 

Congratulations to these ladies for making it one step closer to representing the Philippines on the world stage this May!

Joreen Aina
Le An Taytay
Anj Collanto
Gabby Dario
Nina Juan
Chay Canilao
Vega Roxas
Guinevere Soria
Tessa Jones
Vida Gonzales
Bea Ignacio

We’ve seen a handful of firsts in 2022 thanks to  the country’s leading flag football organization. We’re seeing tournaments that take our country’s standard to a whole new level through Manila Flag Football League, we’re seeing teams fly in from across the globe to participate at PFFA’s International Championship Cup (happening this May 27 to 28) in Clark, Pampanga, and we’re seeing more female athletes put their cleats on and make incredible catches on the field – definitely strides we’ve never seen before.

What’s even more incredible, is that Filipina athletes are no longer shying away from the limelight. They’re taking center stage in a sport that is usually deemed as ‘rough’ and ‘aggressive’ terms that no longer stunt Filipinas from blitzing through and scoring touchdowns for their teams

From beauty-brand to every athlete’s must-have Anessa Philippines has proven that women can shine both on and off the field. Women no longer have to choose between skinhealth and sports and brands like Anessa are here to back them up 100%. In fact, the selected members of the official Philippine Flag Football Team will be also be supported by the said brand empowering Filipino athletes to rush, catch, and score touchdowns rain or shine.

This year’s theme for women’s month is #EmbraceEquity and one of the highest barriers we’ve been facing as women is taking a bigger stake and equity in sports. So playing a sport like flag football, while fun, is a weightier message for the rest of the world. Participating in MFL’s tournament doesn’t just say “me too” anymore, it says:

“We belong here and we have what it takes to claim higher stakes in this field.”

It’s high time Filipina athletes are given equal opportunities, equal representation, and equal equity in sports. And while RA 9710 or the Magna Carta for women has been signed and sealed in 2009, we are counting on entities like Manila Flag Football league to enforce this and create a better and more competitive platform for women in sports. At the rate they’re going, and with international tournaments underway, who’s to say what opportunities may be presented to Filipina flag football athletes. We’ve seen the #growflagfootball hashtag used quite consistently, and with MFL’s strategic moves, it’s no doubt that they are indeed the biggest driver of this impact-driven mission. 

So, ladies, grab a ball, lace up your shoes, and tackle the world of flag football! Let’s show everyone what Filipino female athletes are capable of. Flag up, fierce Filipinas!

Women's Fitness Philippines
Women's Fitness Philippines

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