Keeping your health and fitness in check is an absolute priority in our lives, community quarantine or otherwise. Whether you’re an athletic chick, a mindfulness gal, or an endurance type of woman, there’s a fitness program out there for you. 

Fitness is all about cultivating that self-respect and clocking in time to check in with yourself. Working out not only makes you feel better about yourself, but it also helps in increasing productivity and clearing out your mind. Some people like intense workouts, some prefer time under tension, and others prefer slow and steady. It’s all about preference, really. It’s about trying different activities out until you find one (or a couple) that feels good to your body.

If you’ve already figured it out, then good for you. If not, remember it’s an ever-evolving process of rediscovering yourself and your strengths. To help out with your daily fitness routine, here are 9 Filipina women worth following on Instagram for your daily dose of #Fitspiration. Prepare to be inspired and educated!

 “I’d rather be Super woman than a barbie.”

Michele Gumabao

If you’re an athlete who hasn’t seen your team, your coaches and miss the intensity of your usual routine, Michele shows us how you can keep your athletic conditioning on point. She showcases a range of explosive workouts that will challenge your endurance and keep your coordination in check. From burpees to ladders to leg workouts, she’s got you covered. So if you’re looking for a fitspo to keep you in condition and in shape, this Miss Universe – Philippines candidate and athlete is your best bet!

Jackie Go

Here’s to all the moms who make time for their fitness. If you struggle to find ways to sneak in a sweat in between preparing your children’s baon, teaching their modules, and having a life – worry not, Bubbles’ instagram has a lot of home workouts you can try! From using lightweight equipment, to turning her furniture into a proxy gym, she’s got a lot of fun ideas you can try from the comforts of your home.

Mau Schrijvers

This Belgian-Filipina track athlete is all about strength, surf, and a lot of self-love. If you’re in your 20s figuring out how-to-adult, stay sane, and keep yourself healthy, Mau’s feed will remind you that you’re not alone. Her stories constantly share her workout routines, whether she’s training on a track, working out from home, or conditioning in the gym. If we were you, we’ll be taking notes on the workout drills she shares because she was able to bring home two bronze medals for the Philippines in the recent Southeast Asian games!

Min Capones

Now, if a toned and feminine body is what you want, Min’s IG will show you a lot of tips and tricks to achieve it. You don’t have to wait for summer to get your summer body ready. In fact, following Min’s workouts will inspire you to keep your #bodygoals in check all year round. The best part is, she shows you how to achieve it without much equipment. She has a lot of content that includes cardio from home and content that use resistance bands and other body weight exercises. Her page shows a variety of exercises that will keep your muscles under enough tension to help sculpt your body just the way you want it!

Julia Saubier

If you’ve had dreams of being an action star or just always wanted to have secret moves to pull out in case of an emergency, Julia’s page is for you. As a martial artist, she shows a variety of combat workout videos. From Muay Thai to Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, and even knife handling! If you’re a badass woman, you’ll love her videos!

Cay Kuijpers

Cay is a Fil-Aus fitness instructor. Her page has easy-to-follow videos: from body flow, to yoga, to stretching, and even weight-lifting! Sof if you’re in the phase of exploring which activities you prefer, we recommend you visit Cay’s page and try a couple of her exercises. For starters, you can try her flow yoga and see how you feel about it.

Bonus: Not to mention, you get snippets of her cute baby, Magnus, too! 

Carla Piscoso

Carla is all about strength training. If you’re a gym-buff kind of girl, then this is a good addition to your current pool of resources. Carla teaches you how to keep your body toned and tight through workout. On top of all that, she flexes her gymnastics moves here and there, reminding us to stay fit and fun! 

Marga Banaga

Marga’s transformation is so inspiring, we all need to see it. Fitness is often misconstrued as a punishment for the food we eat, or another factor that stresses our mental health – when it couldn’t be farther from that. Marga shows us that fitness is all about self-love. It’s learning to rediscover yourself through the process of finding a workout for you. Marga shows us how fitness has changed her life, catapulted her to different opportunities. If you’re looking for some inspiration or a reminder that “this is possible,” Marga is here to remind us that there is a certain kind of fitness for everyone. It’s not just about the body goals, but it’s about your bigger life goals.

Winwyn Marquez

 “I’d rather be Super woman than a barbie.”

Known for being an actress and our very first Reina Hispanoamericana, Teresita Ssen “Winwyn” Marquez reminds us to unleash our inner Super woman. In a society where women constantly are pushed to re-evaluate themselves to make others feel comfortable, Winwyn confidently takes a stand and decides for herself. If you’re an independent woman who is up for reinvention, Winwyn shows us how it’s done. From her fitness tiktok videos to her personal records to dance videos you can try with your siblings – you’ll be sure to be inspired and challenge yourself for the better. 

Here at Women’s Fitness Philippines, we believe there’s no one way to be a fit woman and we stand by that every day. So whether you’ve found your fitness routine, at the cusp of discovering it, or at the very beginning of your journey, we’re here for you. 

If you’re looking for constant inspiration through your personal self-discovery journey, follow us on instagram! We got you, sis!