By: Doc Kaycee Reyes-Bacani

In the ongoing pursuit of health and longevity, women today are turning to a synthesis of holistic wellness and fitness – a strategy that promises not only a prolonged life but also a significant improvement in its quality. National discussions often focus on healthy living as a conduit to vitality, with preventive medicine, balanced nutrition, strength training, cardiovascular exercises, stress management, and even aesthetic medicine becoming integral components.

Conventionally, it is acknowledged that genetics play a significant role in our aging process, accounting for approximately 60% of what keeps us youthful. Yet, the remaining 40% can be attributed to chronic aging – an aspect of our lives that, despite our dedication to wholesome diets and rigorous exercise routines, necessitates further attention to our physical form.

The quest for eternal youth is gaining momentum, evidenced by the ‘vampire’ visage of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore who present a nuanced model of self-care, one that honors mental, spiritual, and physical health. While genetics are the underpinnings of our well-being, these women exemplify how encompassing care can preserve and enhance our aesthetic essence.

Technological advancements and scientific innovations are at the forefront of this anti-aging revolution. Cutting-edge devices such as the Emface machine and Emsculpt Neo are pioneering non-invasive solutions that cater to facial rejuvenation and body sculpting needs. Alongside these devices, regenerative medicines are marking their territory as the future of personalized healthcare. By harnessing the power of human-derived stem cells, exosomes, and biostimulators like Sculptra, Radiesse, Ultracol, and Rejuran, alongside frontier treatments like Deusaderm, we are witnessing the dawn of a new age in aesthetic and therapeutic medicine.

Yet, amidst these remarkable developments, it is crucial not to overlook the basics. Consistency in our daily routines – incorporating strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and a nutritious diet – remains foundational for the optimal effects of any treatment plan. One particularly effective practice is engaging in a daily 6km walk or run, known for its proficiency in burning visceral fat and enhancing cardiovascular health. This ties back into the understanding that women’s fitness is more than a trend; it’s a lifestyle choice that fosters robust health.

 Moreover, activities such as women’s fitness runs serve not only to promote physical well-being but also foster community and solidarity amongst participants, strengthening the social fabric that is essential to holistic wellness. Thus, as we strive for a balance in science and nature, let us not forget that longevity is a dance between our genetic blueprint and the lifestyle choices we make. The invitation is open for women to step into a world where their health and beauty are celebrated in symphony with their inner spirit and strength, guiding them towards a life lived in its fullest and brightest form.

Doc Kaycee Reyes-Bacani

The Author / Well Aging Physician at Luminisce

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