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Just as we thought we already heard the most unique stories in our previous feature, here are three more stories from women who today might just be quiet forces, but are steadily growing ones in our buzzing and quite overwhelming world.

Virginia Aileen C. Bonifacio: A Wellness Advocate

It’s not always easy, given the many enticing options are presented to us out there, to eat right and properly nourish our bodies. Out there too are probably a hundred stressors that we need to battle with daily, and food is simply one of the things we immediately go to for comfort. Good thing there are more and more people like Virginia who are providing healthier food options for those people looking for something that could both help our bodies as well as souls feel good. Food heals the soul too after all, doesn’t it?

The passions Virginia is now pursuing, similar to a lot of today’s entrepreneurs, grew out from the personal interests of her younger self. She started as a follower of a plant-based diet and expanded her knowledge on it by acquiring a related certification. Her interests branched out from here to what is vegan and raw, until what she’s learning about the matter she realized is simply too wonderful not to share. Now she’s a raw plant-based chef.

There are other wellness-related stuff that Virginia is a supporter of such as Facelift and Access Bars (a treatment that releases one from anything that doesn’t allow him/her to receive). She says there are things you think you cannot change, but actually can change and that you can create everything you desire with total ease when unique ways are utilized. Not only was Virginia’s passion for wellness able to transform herself to someone better, but also provided her with the energy to transform the lives of people around her. As what a lot of us nowadays have already realized, you cannot really pour from an empty cup, right?

Darzzelly Jhoy Zapata : The Healing Couturier

Individual differences is something that is more and more people around are starting to honor and this is exactly what Darzelly makes sure to incorporate in her work. Darzelly is an energy healer, even as a kid, but only fully embraced it after the force of the pandemic pushed her to, just like what it did to a lot of the passions we felt unsure about.

At the height of the pandemic, Darzelly was stranded in another country, not for days or months, but for three long years. It was more than enough time to drive her to seek for personal healing. She jumped into a trip to Darjeeling, a town in India (near the Kanchenchunga Mountain, the 2nd tallest point in the world), which changed her and her view of her gift for healing.

Finally, she accepted it and took certification after certification to learn more about it. Fast forward to today, Darzelly learned to use this energy healing technique wherein she does muscle testing to communicate with the subconscious on what imbalances that the body has.

After successfully tracing it, she releases it from the body. Something that is probably still unheard of to a lot of us, but isn’t it that matter and energy are the two basic components of the universe? As its inhabitants, what can we people be possibly made of?

Yona Signo : The Multipassionate Mumpreneur

Finally, we have Yona who a lot of us can probably relate to, we believe not only in mothers with multiple passions but also in those who have multiple passions and so felt compelled to devote their energy to them. Yona’s view of people being multi-passionate seems to grow in her adaptable kind of energy that can connect with different personalities living in different scenarios. Her inspiration in what she’s doing is anchored anyway to her sole purpose of empowering people to live their best life, no matter how they choose to live it.

In the Human Design system, Yona is what is called a Manifesting Generator, a multi-everything! People like her are multi passionate, with varying interests and lots of energy. What is it like to have this much awareness about yourself? To feel that you have this super power to multi task in life and at the same time harmonize? It was probably overwhelming to Yona at first, but she eventually realized that this is not  something negative and she should shy aware from, but is simply her just being her – something that sounds easy to do, but is always one of the hardest things among us people to embrace.

You can meet more people like Virginia, Darzelly, and Yona in an inspiring event that Kimilu is organizing, happening this coming August 26 in Pasay City! You might think that these very unique people we are introducing, from whom you can draw the same energy and inspiration, are hard to find. We actually have a whole community for you in case you’re looking for that nudge or push to start something you quite cannot name. Join us and allow us to help you solidify what that something is!

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About the SacredSpace Certification

The SacredSpace Certification Program is a holistic program by Kimilu designed to empower thought leaders, trailblazers, decision-makers, consultants, trainers, and coaches in their desire to serve clients, teams and community members with a heart-centered approach through her distinct mind-body-spirit framework.

Her utmost desire is for leaders to be unapologetic about being the best version of themselves through the purposeful work that they do and celebrate it.

The next batch for the program is slated for January-March 2024 (three 3-day weekends) and will be held in person for the first time at The Farm at San Benito in Batangas.