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The Tumble Club is a new fitness studio that just opened. It’s special because it combines gymnastics and cheerleading classes for kids and adults. They want to be the best fitness studio in the country, making exercise a happy and enjoyable thing for everyone.

Vision and Mission:

The Tumble Club wants to inspire people of all ages to love exercising through gymnastics and cheerleading. They don’t just want to teach skills; they also want to teach important values. Their goal is to make fitness enjoyable for kids and grown-ups.

Tailored Programs for All Ages:

The Tumble Club has different classes for different age groups. For 3-4-year-olds, there’s the Kindergym program. It helps with moving and coordination skills. For 5-7-year-olds, there’s the Fundamentals program, which builds a strong foundation in gymnastics. All classes last 60 minutes and have a small class size to make sure everyone gets attention.

Meet Our Head Coach: Iya Acuña

The person leading The Tumble Club is Coach Iya Acuña. She was part of the national gymnastics team and has a lot of experience. She’s also trained in First Aid and certified in gymnastics coaching. So, your kids are in good hands!

Why Choose The Tumble Club?

  • For Everyone: The Tumble Club welcomes everyone, no matter how old you are. Their classes are for all skill levels, making sure everyone feels included.
  • Fun and Learning: The classes focus on both learning and having fun. Whether you’re a kid exploring gymnastics or an adult looking for a fun workout, The Tumble Club is a friendly and non-competitive place.

How to Join:

If you’re interested, you can visit their Facebook or Instagram pages. You can also contact them through phone at +63 967 087 94940 or email at

About The Tumble Club:

The Tumble Club is a special fitness studio offering gymnastics and cheerleading classes for kids and adults. They want to be the best in the country, making fitness a joyful experience for everyone. If you want a good time while getting fit, The Tumble Club is the place to be!

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