7 Tips on Being an Ally from the LGBT Community

7 Tips on Being an Ally from the LGBT Community

By Belle O. Mapa

You don’t have to be part of the LGBTQ+ community to support them, or to commemorate Pride Month. If you’re straight—that is, heterosexual and/or cisgender—and you believe in the fight for equality, inclusivity, and representation, then you could be on your way to being an ally for the community.

Of course, being an ally doesn’t just stop at denouncing homophobia and promoting trans rights. Allying with the LGBT community means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. You’re going to have tough conversations. You’ll need to actively listen, constantly learn, and continue to educate. Not sure how that checks out? We asked members of the community about allyship and using straight privilege to help them in their fight for equality.

Here’s how you can show the LGBT community more love and support this Pride Month.

Leave behind the auto-labeling 

You can be an LGBTQ+ ally by simply respecting someone’s SOGIE and not quickly labeling them by the way they talk or dress. Say if someone wears makeup, don’t automatically label them as gay. Respect how they want to be addressed. You can also show support by listening to their issues and joining in their fight towards equality.

– Lem Taruc

LGBT Community

Understand that the LGBT community is a spectrum

Gay, cis males typically get the most respect in our community. I myself am one. But all queer people deserve to be heard. Trans people, especially, have difficulty in finding their place in society. Listen to them. Respect them. Employ them. Love them. 

– Ezy Galan

Remove stereotypes, one small step at a time

You can become an ally to us even in small ways. It starts with removing stereotypes. You can be straight and enjoy skincare with us. You can be straight and enjoy listening to Lady Gaga with us. You can be straight and even enjoy watching Rupaul`s Dragrace with us!

Society is now more open-minded and it doesn’t make you less masculine or feminine if you join us in our causes. ❤️

You should be honored if someone comes out to you as well because it’s a milestone when someone comes out of the closet. And it means they trust you and they love you to share this experience. ❤️? 

– Levon

Conversation and education is key

Mainly, it’s about having a more open mind, learning how to listen, and not being afraid to ask. LGBT people live different lives from straight people. When it comes to experiencing discrimination, dating, sex, etc. It can be eye-opening to learn about the different experiences the members of the LGBT go through compared to you. Just make sure you educate yourself before you assume. Speak out against discrimination when you hear or see anything around you.

– Jason Arneson

Actively listen and empathize

The best way that the straights can be allies for the LGBT community is by making an effort to understand our struggle. I don’t mean just listening to us when we speak about our struggles and challenges—most of which are imposed upon us by unfair laws and discrimination. I mean actually empathize with us. It’s easy to listen and to be a shoulder to cry on when you’re exempted from what we go through. But when you really make an effort to understand what it feels like to be oppressed the way that we are, supporting our cause for equal rights will come naturally. Because you feel our pain through empathy. 

– Vani Altomonte

Be a bridge for LGBT voices, especially the youth

You can be an ally by standing up and supporting the LGBT community. Listen to our voices. Especially what we fight for: discrimination and stigma in the community. Being an ally, you should show our young people that the LGBT group isn’t harmless. We’re good people. We’re different, but unique and equal. We just want the support and acceptance of the community. Also, as an ally, you’re the way to beat ignorance by educating young people about LGBT [issues]. 

– Troy Dominique

The essence of allyship

Be supportive online, and educate the misinformed. Don’t let people shame the LGBT community. Stand up for them. 

– Nadine Belo

In its essence: being an ally means working against discrimination and towards inclusivity. Begin with an open mind and heart—educate yourself as you educate others. 

And to the LGBT community, happy Pride Month. We see you, we hear you, we celebrate you!


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